Miyerkules, Setyembre 4, 2013

Declaration of True Love

How we know our love is true?
no guarantee nor promise kept.
I have been hurt and so have you,
But we have chosen to accept.

Time began, our love is tested,
Just to say our love is wrong.
We never settled, nor contented,
To our dismay, our love is strong.

We tried to end it more than once,
Saying it was for the best.
Instead, we end on each others arms,
It's true enough, I can attest.

Sabado, Abril 6, 2013

Being the Youngest Brother (Temporarily)

Believe it or not, I just turned thirty. Reminiscing is all I'm about at the moment. In this edition, the perks and burdens of being the younger brother. I was not always the youngest member of the family, but for the first 8 years of my life I was the favorite among the clan. Being a favorite wasn't always a positive thing, especially when tricks played on and bullying are concerned. Being the littlest means you're gullible and a pushover to kids at least four years older.. enter the big brother.

If memory serves me right, my first action figure was GI Joe's Stormshadow that my mom bought along with Snake Eyes. I don't think my mom knows back then that they are each others'arch-nemesis. Kiddie cartoon story lines weren't really that complicated back then and Stormshadow and Snake Eyes weren't that popular yet. Anyway, I did not have anything to do with whom I chose. Being the elder, my brother naturally chose the protagonist. I didn't like having a Cobra for a toy since they are the bad guys. So when playing, I just cast Stormshadow as a good guy and fight off the other evil toys. Eventually I learned his back story and knew that even he to his enemies he is honorable and eventually became a GI Joe himself. Mom even bought a Joe version when it came out. When I think of it now, I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Here's a list of the things I've gone through as a little brother:
-Only supporting role in games
-Didn't get to be the leader
-The less cooler sibling
-got the smaller piece
-Always lost in wrestling a-la WWF ('twas the 80's)
-Always the contestant in mock gameshows
-I was too little to play outside so I just watched
-Old hand-me-downs
-Player 2

But it wasn't always the bum-end-of-the-deal. As I said, I was the favorite.

-I got to be Daniel san from the Karate kid
-Everyone in the family was protective of me
-I was the least scolded among siblings (Even when I wasn't the youngest)
-I was always treated out
-My sister was extra nice
-What I wanted, I got
-Mom brought me surprises
-I get to run to Mom when in trouble
-Mom gives me the sweetest smile
-To sum it all, I was favored.. by Mom

Miyerkules, Pebrero 13, 2013

If Memory Serves Me Right..

The First "A Few" with You
A fateful night indeed.
Oh I remember
A few bottles are all I need.

The streets are wet.. blame the weather
The place to the brim is packed,
We're settled on the pavement
the service really sucks.

I know you from my workplace,
In three seconds you'll walk my way
I smile and wave, no words to say
My friends made you stay.

Moments go by quickly,
four bottles each at least.
We're just getting started
A few? no such things exist.

They thought we knew each other,
words are yet to be spoken 
I only watch you sharing thoughts
my friends become your friends.

An awkward bus stop walk,
The uneasy wait for the ride
A kiss lands soft and then you ran
The time where all began.

That First "A Few" with You
A fateful night indeed.
Oh I remember
Thinking bottles are what I need..

(*A few - term coined by my friends pertaining to a few bottles after class/work before heading home; It is a lie, a way to convince one to join in.. In my experience, there never was "a few bottles"  )

Sabado, Nobyembre 10, 2012

Popoy and Basha

This is the story of two kittens, Popoy from the south and Basha of the northern borders. Fate has brought them together and this is their story so far..

The one on the left is Popoy, at three months, he was already as big as an adult cat and from what I've heard, his growth isn't stopping anytime soon. Basha on the other hand is the smallest of four siblings. She's a month younger than Popoy. As I am writing this, she's three months old but nowhere near the size of her male counterpart.

Although Popoy looks intimidating, he is one affectionate kitty. He likes being picked up and likes sleeping on laps. He also is neat on everything even sweeping spilt kitty litter with his paws. He takes care of his own mane keeping it fluffy. He's quite an ideal cat. Basha on the other hand, may seem timid but looks can be deceiving. She causes mischief whenever she's awake. Always looking up and finding ways to climb on any towering cabinets and sometimes windows. She's got quite a hobby and an ambition. She is not as obedient as Popoy and has the attitude of a spoiled princess. They may be opposites but they both agree on one thing: Sleeping all day and playing all night. How long can they keep this up?.. We'll just have to find out. Anyway, here are some of their captured moments:

Poy being a noble pet and Bash being cute



Basha likes running outside 

Popoy contented with just dreaming of the outdoors.

Maybe Popoy likes sleeping more than Bash

Bash likes the attention more.

 but they'll both sleep anywhere. On the floor..
or on the bed.

They also like sleeping on their backs.

Here's Popoy finally awake.

And here are the rest..


My girl with Basha

..And this is NOW

Linggo, Oktubre 21, 2012


..And then I opened my eyes from forever's rest
upon seeing the skies I felt like doing my best.
The faint glow of the sun's enough for making me run
All day from the dawn up until I am done..

One by one.. a silent song is subtly sung
on-and-on they slowly gather.. the old and the young
preparing the voyage without bearing no baggage
they've got a world to pillage, and just a little time to manage.

Because yesterday was totally clear of such dismay, 
but I'd rather be here and now, soaking the early rays.
And as the time progresses and unravels into the day
No clouds would be grey and none would go astray.

Gentle warmth apperceived as I tread the cool street
Pleasant gleam worn on faces of every citizen I meet.
When I awoke, there's you.. we're together, we're complete,
From my perspective your visage really knocks me off my feet.

And now I am positive.. I most certainly can fly. 
Because once I stretch my arms I won't ever ever lie.
Never fall from the heavens, never ever will I die,
Gonna pull back the curtains, prepared to meet tomorrow's sky.

Martes, Oktubre 16, 2012

iPod App Review: Pound for Pound

Synonymous to the words Pound for Pound is the name Manny Pacquiao. No. This is not another boxing game. This game revolves around Manny in a fictional setting. He fights his way through henchman after henchman in one on one battles. At stake is the life of his friend held by thugs desperately forcing Manny to sign some contract. But the Pacman knows better, So he uses not only his fists, but  you'll see him kick butt as well.

Aside from the gameplay, this game reminds me of another iPod game I really enjoyed, which is Bruce Lee: Dragon warrior. The 3D graphics are great. Characters are well rendered. Manny in the game resembles the real thing.

The animation and the moves are fluid. It controls a bit like Infinity Blade and Blood and Glory where you swipe and dodge enemy attacks. It was better than what I expected, I just hoped that there were more oponents to fight and different modes to play with because it kinda gets repetetive after a while. The costumes in the store aren't that diverse either, they only vary in colors. Nonetheless, this game provided hours of fun though it also took just a few hours to finish.