Linggo, Enero 29, 2012

2012: The Year of Extinction

"Try everything once", a phrase spoken by doubtfuls just before taking the plunge. Especially in times we hasten to make the most of our short lived life. Although to me, the phrase should be: "Discover and you will be rewarded.. or accquire an addiction"..  either way it could be the means of finding out how we fare in challenges, if it still matters in the near future. But hey, before the world "allegedly" ends in the 21st of December, I'm going to put on record the interesting and random things a drifter/slacker have come across, so far.. (and maybe for one last time). Who knows, one day, I may want to look back and assess how I lived.

All these apocalypse stuff remind me of  this Cthulhu character who constantly wanders the realms of  my subconscious. In my list of possible world enders, Cthulhu, to me, is ranked in between "the rise of living dead scenario" and "the biblical style finale". with Zombies ruling the top spot, of course.

Anyway, I immediately became interested in Cthulhu over a year ago when I read it in the Fall 2008 edition of Heavy Metal(Eerie Special), a graphic novel magazine. Combining the twisted Lovecraft short stories with the visual adaptation of Hernan Rodriguez. I'm digging the way it tells readers that there may be more to life if we open our mind beyond our comprehension (Don't know if I made any sense but that's the point).

For those who wonder, Cthulhu is an ancient, winged, tentacle-faced creature of overwhelming size that hails from the sunken city of R'lyeh. His prophetic return would mean massive problems of devastating proportions. It does not directly communicate to man but crawls into dreams instead. A hint that author H.P. Lovecraft isn't really just ahead of his time but an instrument of the Cthulu after all. There are more Lovecraftian creatures you may want to check out, meanwhile, here's my rough interpretation of Cthulhu:

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