Lunes, Enero 30, 2012

Fun with the Deadly Sins

Sin 1

Inferior ones I've sympathized,
Their weaknesses unrealized.
Hear me now, for I shall talk,
Admire me, and join me walk.

I am king, I'm the master,
Without my presence is disaster.
I do the things that others can't
None can break me, i can't be bent.

Sin 2

What you have, is undeserved,
But all i do is just observe.
While wealth and power is just a dream,
All i wish, my grass be green.

Why not me? You did not earn it,
I need it more and I yearn it.
You have it all and all the luck,
Though you're an, what the f*ck!

Sin 3

Eat, absorb, gorge, gobble,
Drink, ingest, swallow, guzzle.
Feed, consume, devour, munch
Breakfast, dinner, early lunch.

Feast, relish, indulge, revel,
Waste, deplete, expend, trifle.
Eliminate, devour, wipe, vanish
Dominate, swallow, ravage, finish.

Sin 4

Hangs by the thread, this patience of mine,
I should breathe and count to nine.
I'll level with you, if you wish,
And then I'll give you quite a squish.

Or better yet, I'll give you pain,
Strike you down and make it rain.
I'll give you hell! and rip apart,
Your limbs, Your soul! 'til you depart!

Sin 5

By the corner waiting, standing by
You get the message I have sent.
"I like it rough" is your reply
then Off we go a room to rent.

It's time to start let's have some fun
show me what you're all about
I'll make a mess and when I'm done
Go get your money then get out.

Sin 6

Oh how I really want it all,
Cash, Jewels, Gold stacked tall,
Wine, Drugs, Women, just the best,
None for you and for the rest.

Give me things none have seen,
and places none have ever been.
My soul as payment will suffice,
the world I'd even sacrifice.

Sin 7

The ceiling view i am contented,
with spider webs and busted lights.
The sheets I lay in, though foul scented,
has carried me through many nights.

I don't intend to change my ways,
It is fine as it is.
I don't care what mother my says,
forever I'm at ease.

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