Martes, Pebrero 28, 2012

They Are No Longer the People We Know.. Get the Gun!

They may be good lookin', but looks can b deceiving

The day when the recently deceased starts rising from their graves to prey on living flesh may be sooner than we think ..and a little preparation wouldn't hurt.

We all know removing or destroying the brain kills a zombie. There are countless means of achieving this, but the question is: How efficient are they?

 I have gathered here some tools often seen in movies, video games, TV shows, etc. I reviewed them according to their use, the scenario they should be held and their effectiveness. Here's what I've got, so far:


I. Sharp weapons

II. Blunt objects

III. Firearms

IV. Thrown

V. Improvised

I Sharp weapons

 a) bladed - Good for: cutting off head and limbs (100% effective only if wielder is strong enough to cut through the bone)
  Pros - Handy, Silent, Needs no batteries nor ammo
  Cons - Using melee weapons mean exerting energy, lots of it
  effective range: about up to 4 feet from you,

1.machete - one handed, good weight, does not require too much skill, just hack away (best for amateurs)
2.sword - two handed, medium maneuverability, requires one to have good sense of balance
3.cleaver - one handed, a bit risky to use, short ranged, you may need to hold down the enemy before effectively chopping them
4.axe - two handed, hard to maneuver, easily immobilizes zombies by aiming from the knee up

  -Do's:  -Aim for the neck and cut horizontally

  -Don'ts: -Downward strike to the head(you wouldn't want your weapon to get stuck on the skull while more of them come at you)
   -Stabbing the enemy(if it's not in the head it really does nothing)


  - b) piercing - Not nearly as effective as the bladed weapons, but dangerous with the right set of skills. This type requires accuracy and speed.

1.spears - create distance between you and zombies
2.pikes - downward stroke is most effective, though, with chances of it getting stuck
3.dagger, screwdriver, knife, etc. -extremely short ranged, if these are the only weapons you have, having wicked knife fighting skills or knowing Eskrima (Google it)

probably raises your chances of survival. Maneuverability is high, though ambidexterity helps in doubling your chances in order to wield 2 at a time. If all else

fails, just throw them at the enemy and flee.

  -Do's  - aim for the eyes
   - if surrounded by many, do not attempt to use piercing weapons, run away
  -Don'ts - as much as possible, avoid confronting attackers with these types of weapons it is not practical

II Blunt Objects - Good for: Shattering heads like watermelons. Effective range: 1-4 feet from you. Swing vertically or horizontally, doesn't really matter as long as

the job gets done. It would probably take more than one swing to take a zombie down

  -Do's  - it is important that you pick weapons with sturdy and comfortable handles since it will get huge amounts of abuse
   - be prepared for strenuous battle with several strikes per head
  -Don'ts - rusty metals are not to be relied on, especially pipes. In fact choose something that is solid, since your goal is to kill, not to inflict pain

III Firearms - Good for: Long range battles(depends on weapon type). Guns equal to instant death with one shot to the head. In an event of a zombie apocalypse,

firearms should be kept near at all times. Sounds could attract hordes so beware. Without ammunition, guns are useless

1. handgun - no other firearm is as handy as a hand gun. It can be kept hanging around the waist and easily pulled out in time of need
2  sniper - ideal for protecting your shelter against incoming dangers
3. combat shotgun - closed quarter weapons, heads explode in point blank range with these in hand. Going beyond its effective range(40 yards) diminishes your chances of a head shot
4. automatic - it wouldn't be a war without a zombie horde by the hundreds, that's where automatic weapons come in
5. grenade launcher - killing a dozen is easy with this weapon. Just make sure none of your buddies are near the blast

IV Thrown - these types are ideal for creating an escape path.

1. hand grenade - should you find yourself pinned down, you can either throw these at the horde or sacrifice yourself and take them with you
2. molotov - ideal for those night hunting. light up some zombies and see them come at you. also lights an area. Explosive grenades clears an area but molotovs are practically useless since zombies are not affected by fire unless their brain boils and pops, which takes quite a while.
3. mines - protect your home by strategically placing them around your camp.

V Improvise - Look around the house, with a little imagination, You would find mere garden tools to be useful in more ways than one.

1.grass cutters - shears perfect for that little psychopath in you, should only be used for slow, unassuming targets
2.lawnmower - just aim the blades at their heads, requires gas to run
3.chainsaw - a classic undead weapon, messy and fun
4.nailed 2x4 - is it a blunt object or is it a piercing weapon? Consider it to be both. Either you put a hole in their heads or crush it
5.nail gun - may not be  as accurate and powerful as a handgun, but it is just as dangerous

(Note: Weapons are only an extension of the arm, therefore the weapons are only as good as the hand that wields it.)

Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2012


It truly would be quite a sight
If I could touch the blue.
Perceive the world from quite a height
and just enjoy the view.

Watch the moon beyond the shroud
rise above the thickest shade,
Speed on through into a cloud
I'll describe how dreams are made.

Off this busy rock with ease,
away from sounds of crowded streets.
Run to the stars as I please,
For tranquilities and retreats.

If only I could rid this world
Of physics' chains and shackled will.
Unbound and free as we are hurled
..but gravity always tackles, still.

Linggo, Pebrero 5, 2012

What if..?

Aliens battle Elves:
Here's an effort to create a plot involving mythical beings and extra terrestrials. A mix of science fiction and magic.

It is set in the near future. War erupts between the men of earth and invaders from the far reaches of the galaxy. Massive ships by the tens of thousands arrive, hovering the skies. Like the locust plague, they swarm from place to place and take over. Billions die. There was no resistance, and the handful that lived have all gone in hiding. With weapons so advanced and a species highly evolved, the human race never had a chance. The war ends in a day. There was no option for surrender only extermination.

Antartica, the invaders prepare for one final attack that ensures the extinction of man as and every living thing on the planet. They set a beacon where a blast will occur and consume all the oxygen .. but the unseen entities of nature had just about enough destruction. Seconds before the execution, while the ships distanced themselves for safety, the Elves thought that it  is time to make their presence known. From the four corners of the planet, the most powerful beings that heeded the call banded together and formed the biggest life force barrier ever made. The shield kept out the ships as well as the signal that would end life on Earth.

Alien technology, though advanced, is not immune to sorcery. Armed with magically imbued rifles, the forest elves transported themselves to the enemy's ships along with the desert trolls, mountain giants and the remaining humans. The battle took the lives of many the but victory was won by the warriors of earth. The invaders were scattered and fled in full retreat. As for the fallen enemies' vessels, they are now earth property. They are to be studied. The salvation of mankind marks the dawn of a new world. They now co-exist with elvish people and other enchanted beings with the common goal of survival. If the invaders threaten to return for another round, they best think again.

-End of Prologue