Linggo, Pebrero 5, 2012

What if..?

Aliens battle Elves:
Here's an effort to create a plot involving mythical beings and extra terrestrials. A mix of science fiction and magic.

It is set in the near future. War erupts between the men of earth and invaders from the far reaches of the galaxy. Massive ships by the tens of thousands arrive, hovering the skies. Like the locust plague, they swarm from place to place and take over. Billions die. There was no resistance, and the handful that lived have all gone in hiding. With weapons so advanced and a species highly evolved, the human race never had a chance. The war ends in a day. There was no option for surrender only extermination.

Antartica, the invaders prepare for one final attack that ensures the extinction of man as and every living thing on the planet. They set a beacon where a blast will occur and consume all the oxygen .. but the unseen entities of nature had just about enough destruction. Seconds before the execution, while the ships distanced themselves for safety, the Elves thought that it  is time to make their presence known. From the four corners of the planet, the most powerful beings that heeded the call banded together and formed the biggest life force barrier ever made. The shield kept out the ships as well as the signal that would end life on Earth.

Alien technology, though advanced, is not immune to sorcery. Armed with magically imbued rifles, the forest elves transported themselves to the enemy's ships along with the desert trolls, mountain giants and the remaining humans. The battle took the lives of many the but victory was won by the warriors of earth. The invaders were scattered and fled in full retreat. As for the fallen enemies' vessels, they are now earth property. They are to be studied. The salvation of mankind marks the dawn of a new world. They now co-exist with elvish people and other enchanted beings with the common goal of survival. If the invaders threaten to return for another round, they best think again.

-End of Prologue

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