Lunes, Marso 5, 2012

Interpreting Claude Monet's Thoughts

A fine day it is at the meadows,
The sun has lit the fields aglow
Down the hill, I start to stroll
some time to kill to uplift the soul.

Moments gone by, the slope I settled,
About to lie when I was startled.
...And I looked up, the love of my life,
the wine to my cup, the cake to my knife.

Her face serene, my heart just melted,
Overwhelming scene, that time suspended.
A brilliant shadow, she casts on me.
The winds that blow, sky's infinity.

Unexpected, my boy has followed
He escorted his mum then just wallowed.
Me and my son, our lives made whole,
By the woman with a parasol.

Woman with a Parasol (1875) -By Claude Monet
I wasn't planning on writing anything else below the poem, for it might ruin the article's consistency. But for those who wonder, I wrote the poem because back in my college days I saw this picture and just fell in love with it. I had just expressed the exact words that were on my mind upon seeing it. Hence my use of "Overwhelming" to describe the scene.

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