Linggo, Marso 11, 2012

iPod Free App Review: Falling Stars

Some iPod applications didn't quite get that "Angry Birds" or "Temple Run" status. I, myself,  have downloaded some that might have fared well with the top apps but did not get the well deserved recognition.This right here is my first iPod App review for those truly rare gems. The apps I will review in the next few days are those that I find  have unique game play, graphics and/or concept. Attention grabbing in general. Anyway, let's begin with the first one. Hope you find the information below useful.

P.S. For those who are feeling a bit stingy, not to worry,  some of the apps are free!

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality is a musical application where you start off with beautifully rendered background that consists of a peaceful night in the forest. Above the screen are stars you can press. These stars, once activated, produces glowing liquid that I could only describe as "star drops"(similar to raindrops. though it glows).You then "freehandedly" draw lines to where the star drops fall. These lines produce sounds, depending on the chosen leaf(touch the leaves below to choose). You may then compose music using the different kinds of leaves and toggle the intervals of the drop by clicking on the stars until you find the right tempo.

Provides hours of mind stimulating entertainment, this app lets you explore your visual and musical creativity through the use of physics and timing. You may want to use your headset out when playing outdoors. Picture below(from does not give justice to the sound and the animation, just download it in order to find out.

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