Sabado, Marso 17, 2012

iPod Free App Review: Stair Dismount and Phoenix HD

It's that time again, I'll do a quick review on a couple of old iPod Applications because I feel like it.

First up: Stair Dismount
Use the same curiosity you had when you played the slinky then add falling dead dummies and you'll get this application. You start off by choosing a scenario, whether you want to see the classic "falling-off-the-stairs" scene or the chain reaction your dummy experiences upon a toy factory assembly line. Next:Place the pointer where you want to push (head, shoulder, right leg, etc.). Then choose how much force you want to exert by timing the power gauge right. Press "Dismount" then just sit back and watch the dummy's demise.

A simple application that kills boredom and satisfies our intrigues that involve a falling human body and numerous objects that make the downward journey interesting. You must warn children though. Real-life stair dismount is not as pretty.


Next: Phoenix HD 
Set in space, you ride the phoenix, a Fighter Jet. (more ships are available through purchase in the app store) You fight through endless waves of enemy ships and bosses that fire all kinds of projectiles in large quantities. You can get power-ups that contain abilities and weapon upgrades along the way. If you find yourself pinned by the enemy, just release the stored power-up to perform an overwhelming light-show burst of firepower called the Alpha Strike and destroy every enemy ship on screen. 

This game may be one of, if not the best looking jetshooter I have ever played in iPOD. The 3d graphics are just stunning and the controls are perfectly responsive. The progression of difficulty is based on your performance which is perfect as well. Jet shooter fans can't go wrong with this one. Available at the iTunes Store.

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