Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012

Evolution.. So Far

Millions of years ago, man's existence was nowhere near a possibility.. or was it? We all know that everything came from something. We (people) might have lived as lesser species. Primitive creatures, but driven by ambitions of trying to better ourselves. Surviving the harshest of conditions and critical extinction level events. We could have been plants or insects but it just so happened that the supreme creature that we are now is of mammal descent.

How we came to be is still a mystery. If only birds had a separate set arms instead of just having wings, they could have been triumphant with their flight advantage as well as developing the proper usage of tools. If reptiles gained bigger brains, they could have lorded over the world as the ultimate predator, tough as nails and feared by all. They could have survived the "Great Dying". But then, here we are, with flesh so fragile, teeth so blunt, no sharp claws and no wings. We became civilized, social and organized.

We grew five fingers each hand why not four? Math could have been a whole lot different with us counting eights as tens. We walk on two legs instead of four, like a common quadropod. Sports histories may have been altered and wars could have been fought differently. But still, five fingers and walking upright reign supreme.

Apes, on the other hand, distant relatives of ours, we have to wonder, why settle for being apes? They have the same attributes as we do. They seem to have the strength to overpower us if they chose to. Instead, they wanted to dwell peacefully in the jungle as this intimidating community.

Humans obviously took the top spot since we are the most perfectly sized versatile creatures. We can handle tasks that are as delicate as sewing on clothes and building shelters so intricate and we also can do heavy work such as leveling mountains and building roads. Eventhough creatures as organized as ants could have ruled, they are still too tiny to handle fire. And as clever as dolphins are, they are still limited to exploring only the waters. As wise as elephants are, they are still too slow and clumsy to overthrow the human race. But we, we can walk in any weather condition without the fear of drowning in the rain or withering in the heat. We are also light enough to climb ladders and heavy enough to resist being blown by the wind. We are just perfect.

Jellyfish: After 500 million years, still are jellyfish - with organs not as complex as ours but it works out fine anyway

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