Martes, Setyembre 25, 2012

iPod App Review: Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

With all the complex video games we have today, I never would have thought that I'd enjoy retro gameplay in this day and age. Venan Enertainment, Inc.'s Space miner: Space Ore Bust is basically Asteroids with a storyline, and a solid one at that. You play a young rookie asteroid miner. Your uncle accidentally signs his mine field to this greedy entrepreneur who loaned him money. In order to save it, you must drive your space truck and do some errands in the field, mine some space ores while you're at it. Ores are converted to cash at the end of missions and you use that money to buy upgrades for your ship.

Biyernes, Setyembre 21, 2012

App Review: Spirits

A cross between Lemmings and Fantasia, You command a handful earth spirits through different stages filled with obstacles. You will do this all the way to their destination: the portal home (or what I'm assuming is their portal home). Like in Lemmings, all spirits have abilities that can come in handy in given situations . They can become clouds and blow winds, or become plants for others to climb on and they can even dig through ground. The music suits the surreal environment of game and the spirits are as adorable as kittens.

The screenshots below seem to be of poor quality, but I promise you, the actual game is far from looking like it was taken by a digital camera.

Images are from iTunes Store

Huwebes, Setyembre 20, 2012

Are We Ready for an All Out Alien War?

Knowing that we are not alone in the universe or worse, knowing that mankind won't be running the show for long, could shake the very foundation of our beliefs. We all worship the creator but when objects not of this world begin to swoop the skies (a humbling sight but seems more terrifying than divine), we would then need to re-evaluate: If God created the universe, then all beings would surely pay homage to Him as we do. They should be in His likeness as we are to Him.. and if not, then everything we believe in as well as all the values passed down to us would mean crap. Faith is what we have been holding on to since the recorded history began, especially in those times of desperation. If those flying things aren't angels then we best prepare for something other than the second coming. This could explain the government cover-ups. They are basically saying "You are not ready for this kind of knowledge". This prevents people from questioning the chaos that would soon follow.

From what they have achieved so far, these beings are definitely not mere creatures. They are highly intelligent, possibly highly evolved or at least more technologically advanced than we are since traveling to another world is a quite a feat. For all we know, they might have been here a long time ago.

The authorities most likely know something but most are still unsure if these invaders are peaceful. They could be the ones manipulating the government with the cover-ups and all. They could also be planning something on a grander scale. Go public officially perhaps, or a hostile takeover that could endanger the human species' existence.

How would our weapons fare with theirs then? Let's just say, they didn't come all the way here by accident and we have to assume that they have been preparing. There may or may not be just one race that threatens us and treachery could play a key role to our downfall. They could just cut the power off every fighter planes or rockets we have if they're that smart. With that in mind, we're already as good as extinct. Of course I'm still hoping that I'm wrong to have underestimated power of the human race.

Below is  a video I found on Youtube: a media coverage compilation regarding UFOs appearing to the public. An eerie call to a radio show that talks about the things to come is in there too. It was later dismissed by the very caller and apologized to the host about the prank he pulled earlier. Real or not, it still doesn't explain the sudden interruption that cut the call.