Martes, Oktubre 16, 2012

iPod App Review: Pound for Pound

Synonymous to the words Pound for Pound is the name Manny Pacquiao. No. This is not another boxing game. This game revolves around Manny in a fictional setting. He fights his way through henchman after henchman in one on one battles. At stake is the life of his friend held by thugs desperately forcing Manny to sign some contract. But the Pacman knows better, So he uses not only his fists, but  you'll see him kick butt as well.

Aside from the gameplay, this game reminds me of another iPod game I really enjoyed, which is Bruce Lee: Dragon warrior. The 3D graphics are great. Characters are well rendered. Manny in the game resembles the real thing.

The animation and the moves are fluid. It controls a bit like Infinity Blade and Blood and Glory where you swipe and dodge enemy attacks. It was better than what I expected, I just hoped that there were more oponents to fight and different modes to play with because it kinda gets repetetive after a while. The costumes in the store aren't that diverse either, they only vary in colors. Nonetheless, this game provided hours of fun though it also took just a few hours to finish.

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