Martes, Oktubre 2, 2012


I wanted everyone to realize all the wonderful things that the emperor's council have done, the decisions they have made, especially the newly implemented decree. How well it was thought of and how it would positively affect the land.
But the truth is.. Nobody is stupid enough to believe such things.

The truth is, their naivety just made them the laughing stock and the center of annoyance not only here, but beyond the seas as well. The truth is, no good can come of this and could escalate from mere criticisms all the way to rebellion since people can only express themselves secretly. The truth is, the new commandment is flawed, it can be used to protect (more of) the authorities' own personal interests rather than the public's. The truth is, we cannot be controlled by this and we can go on expressing ourselves in anyway we can because it is our birthright as freemen. I love my land and most of my countrymen. I hate to see brave and honest people suffer for seeing through the king's new clothes.

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