Linggo, Oktubre 21, 2012


..And then I opened my eyes from forever's rest
upon seeing the skies I felt like doing my best.
The faint glow of the sun's enough for making me run
All day from the dawn up until I am done..

One by one.. a silent song is subtly sung
on-and-on they slowly gather.. the old and the young
preparing the voyage without bearing no baggage
they've got a world to pillage, and just a little time to manage.

Because yesterday was totally clear of such dismay, 
but I'd rather be here and now, soaking the early rays.
And as the time progresses and unravels into the day
No clouds would be grey and none would go astray.

Gentle warmth apperceived as I tread the cool street
Pleasant gleam worn on faces of every citizen I meet.
When I awoke, there's you.. we're together, we're complete,
From my perspective your visage really knocks me off my feet.

And now I am positive.. I most certainly can fly. 
Because once I stretch my arms I won't ever ever lie.
Never fall from the heavens, never ever will I die,
Gonna pull back the curtains, prepared to meet tomorrow's sky.

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