Sabado, Nobyembre 10, 2012

Popoy and Basha

This is the story of two kittens, Popoy from the south and Basha of the northern borders. Fate has brought them together and this is their story so far..

The one on the left is Popoy, at three months, he was already as big as an adult cat and from what I've heard, his growth isn't stopping anytime soon. Basha on the other hand is the smallest of four siblings. She's a month younger than Popoy. As I am writing this, she's three months old but nowhere near the size of her male counterpart.

Although Popoy looks intimidating, he is one affectionate kitty. He likes being picked up and likes sleeping on laps. He also is neat on everything even sweeping spilt kitty litter with his paws. He takes care of his own mane keeping it fluffy. He's quite an ideal cat. Basha on the other hand, may seem timid but looks can be deceiving. She causes mischief whenever she's awake. Always looking up and finding ways to climb on any towering cabinets and sometimes windows. She's got quite a hobby and an ambition. She is not as obedient as Popoy and has the attitude of a spoiled princess. They may be opposites but they both agree on one thing: Sleeping all day and playing all night. How long can they keep this up?.. We'll just have to find out. Anyway, here are some of their captured moments:

Poy being a noble pet and Bash being cute



Basha likes running outside 

Popoy contented with just dreaming of the outdoors.

Maybe Popoy likes sleeping more than Bash

Bash likes the attention more.

 but they'll both sleep anywhere. On the floor..
or on the bed.

They also like sleeping on their backs.

Here's Popoy finally awake.

And here are the rest..


My girl with Basha

..And this is NOW

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