Sabado, Abril 6, 2013

Being the Youngest Brother (Temporarily)

Believe it or not, I just turned thirty. Reminiscing is all I'm about at the moment. In this edition, the perks and burdens of being the younger brother. I was not always the youngest member of the family, but for the first 8 years of my life I was the favorite among the clan. Being a favorite wasn't always a positive thing, especially when tricks played on and bullying are concerned. Being the littlest means you're gullible and a pushover to kids at least four years older.. enter the big brother.

If memory serves me right, my first action figure was GI Joe's Stormshadow that my mom bought along with Snake Eyes. I don't think my mom knows back then that they are each others'arch-nemesis. Kiddie cartoon story lines weren't really that complicated back then and Stormshadow and Snake Eyes weren't that popular yet. Anyway, I did not have anything to do with whom I chose. Being the elder, my brother naturally chose the protagonist. I didn't like having a Cobra for a toy since they are the bad guys. So when playing, I just cast Stormshadow as a good guy and fight off the other evil toys. Eventually I learned his back story and knew that even he to his enemies he is honorable and eventually became a GI Joe himself. Mom even bought a Joe version when it came out. When I think of it now, I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Here's a list of the things I've gone through as a little brother:
-Only supporting role in games
-Didn't get to be the leader
-The less cooler sibling
-got the smaller piece
-Always lost in wrestling a-la WWF ('twas the 80's)
-Always the contestant in mock gameshows
-I was too little to play outside so I just watched
-Old hand-me-downs
-Player 2

But it wasn't always the bum-end-of-the-deal. As I said, I was the favorite.

-I got to be Daniel san from the Karate kid
-Everyone in the family was protective of me
-I was the least scolded among siblings (Even when I wasn't the youngest)
-I was always treated out
-My sister was extra nice
-What I wanted, I got
-Mom brought me surprises
-I get to run to Mom when in trouble
-Mom gives me the sweetest smile
-To sum it all, I was favored.. by Mom

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